Rotarian: Allen Auxier-
I’ve been a member of the Rotary Club of Soldotna since 2001 when Joe Kashi was President, and he became my Sponsor. First-person to invite me to lunch was John Lourke but then he left town and moved to Fairbanks before he could become my Sponsor. So far I have 20 years of Perfect Attendance, I was Vice President for at least 5 years and Club President twice (2010-2011 and again 2020-2021). My Dad was a Rotarian and he always enjoyed the fellowship and spoke highly of Rotary and all the good things they do locally, nationally, and internationally. After learning the Rotary motto is “Service Above Self”  and remembering my Dad’s praise of Rotary and Rotarians, I was very happy to join and become a participant. I have spearheaded (or “inherited”) a few Club projects over the years (Troop Support Care Packages, Adopt a Road Clean Ups, Rotary Handicap Access Fishing Park Clean Ups) and participated (monetarily or physically) on every project our Club has undertaken.
I have been an actor since I was a kid and have been involved in theatre pretty much my entire life! I am constantly amazed and pleased to find all of the talented actors, costume makers, scene builders, etc. found in every community I have lived in. It is a pleasure for me to continue performing at any and every opportunity. I am proud to be a Life Member of the Kenai Performers and have also acted with Triumvirate Theatre (please support their rebuilding efforts).
I graduated from Coronado High School (Scottsdale, Arizona) and Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, Arizona). I am an Army Veteran and served as an Infantryman in Viet Nam. I took a “Mountain Man Journey” through the Rocky Mountains, using only supplies, clothing, food, and equipment available in the Rocky Mountains prior to 1840. Lit my fires with flint and steel, made my own saddle and pack-saddles, and learned the art of horse-trading! I worked in Anchorage in 1969 and realized I belonged in Alaska, so moved to Bethel in 1975 (after Army Service and a couple of years of drifting).
I met my wife Mari when I was a crewman on my Uncle Neil’s 40 ft. Ketch “Tillicum”. She joined the crew after learning we were going to sail around the world—which, we never did. We did sail around the Hawaiian Islands for a year (lots of fun) and then back to California (not as much fun).
Mari and I were part owners of a dinner theatre in Tacoma, Washington for about 4 years but she told me I had to get a “paying job” so we moved back to Alaska in 2000 when I took the job as Station Manager for KDLL—Public Radio for the Central Kenai Peninsula! Mari worked for the Kenai Peninsula School District and we both retired in 2016.