Becoming A Host Family
Opening Your Heart and Home
Have you ever dreamed of exploring another culture? Language? Customs? By hosting a Rotary Youth Exchange Student for 3 to 5 months you can expose your family to another culture without ever having to leave home!
Without the willingness and sincerity of families who have opened their hearts and homes to students they have never met, the Rotary Youth Exchange Program would not exist.  In an ever-changing world, it is important that we expose our children, our students, and ourselves to areas and people unlike us—it’s how we open our eyes to a global community that shares the same hopes and dreams that we do.
In the landscape of today, adults and children alike must learn about others and reaffirm their faith that people from all over the world are good. What better way to do that than becoming a host family
Becoming a Host Family:
A variety of family structures are perfect for being host families—small, big, with many children, or no children. Working families - retired families - We aim to reflect real-world families to students, and we know that real families come in all shapes and sizes.
Whether you are a first-time host family or a returning host family, use this link to complete your application:
Similarities of cultures should be celebrated and differences should be embraced because there is so much to learn from one another. Each side can act as teachers, leaders, and ambassadors of their cultural background by answering questions, teaching each other, and opening minds to new thoughts and experiences. No matter our age, we are all students of culture and life, which is why becoming a host family is so rewarding.
"Hosting a YE student opens the world to you and your family. It creates a bridge to other countries you never would have thought possible.  Being a host parent is extremely rewarding.  We have kept in touch with our students over the years, and now visit them whenever the opportunity arises." - Sarah Pyhala
Some misconceptions regarding Hosting:
"I work full time and can’t entertain the student"
As a host family, your job is not to entertain the student, your job is to open your home and treat them just as one of your own. Make sure they get to school, get a good night's sleep, and are safe and healthy!
"We don’t have any children in the home – we can’t host"
All families are welcome, students flourish in a loving home, no matter the family dynamics. A family does not need to have other teenagers or other children in the home to make it a rewarding experience. In fact here is a quote from a long-time hosting family:
Many families who have hosted students both when their children were at home and after they all left; found the relationship with the exchange students they hosted after their children left was much deeper
"My child is going out on exchange this year and I would rather host when they return"
Opening your home to a student while your child is away is often a wonderful way to experience what your own child is going through on their exchange. It fills that empty spot in your heart while they are gone.