The dump in Ciudad Sandino is a place of desperation.  A community, which began sixteen years ago, was formed in response to the busing of families due to relocation efforts because of many floods, hurricanes, and such throughout the country of Nicaragua.  The Ciudad Sandino Dump community has evolved.  Many survive by picking through the trash that is dumped.  There, they find today’s food and clothes.  They also pick thru trying to find plastic, metal or glass to sell for recyclables.  Every day, they work.  Every day, they struggle to survive.  They learn at a very young age that everyone must play a part.  From a very young age, the children quit school both due to the inability to buy school supplies and uniforms along with the need to assist the family picking through the trash.   There is a high illiteracy rate along with a high teenage pregnancy. 
In February 2013, Project H.O.P.E. along with the help from Convoy of Hope food distributions, began a feeding program to assist the families in feeding the children in the area.  Initially, this program began in partnership with the concept to provide food but quickly the other needs surfaced.  A safe place for the children to play, educational activities, tutoring and literacy for adults were just a few.  In October 2013, the Center of Hope was built to provide a physical building to house the evolving program.  Today, the Center opens daily and provides safe, educational activities for the community along with employment for four people in the community.  Last year, as a donation from the Soldotna Rotary Club, computers (Rotary, “Network in a box” computer project, 8 computers’ and all the equipment needed) were obtained increasing the opportunities at the Center.  In addition to computer and English classes, vocational classes to include sewing, cooking, pottery and jewelry making also are offered.  
Due to the increased activities and future development of daily tutoring for school age and literacy classes for the adults and teenagers, an additional classroom is being requested to continue to provide educational assistance.  The room will be used for literacy for adults along with computer skills and vocational advisement.
The proposed room dimensions are 30 X 12 to be added on to the southwest side of the present structure.  In addition to the added classroom, the following equipment, educational, and Literacy material are needed (see attached expense list)
Through education, we can change generations.  One child, one adult at a time.
Written by, Mrs. Tammy Stearns, Director, Center of Hope 
As a Rotary cooperating organization, Project H.O.P.E. has joined Rotary in many project from a $105,000 grant to providing 820 Wheelchair, building the Masaya Rotary Club Elementary School, as well as homes for the homeless, drilling several local water wells.  Project Hope has the land and will be administrating the construction of this project.  We will be coordinating this project with Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua Rotary Club, Rotarians are invited to join a team, and or teams of PJH staff and volunteers to accomplish this project by May 31st, 2017.  
Proposed Secure Classroom Building Material and Vendor Cost List
Material list
1. Wood
a. 4x4x14 Treated Post, 6 each $16.55 x 6 =    $99.30
b. 2x4x14 roof, framing doors& window, $6.21 x 12 =   $74.52
c. 2x2x14, 8 each $3.10 x 8 =      $24.80 
d. Wood 1x10x14 firing strip, 15 each $8.00 x 15 =   $120.00
2. Nails
a. 1 each 4” nails 50lb Box      $29.10
b. 1 each 2 ½ nails 50lb Box          $29.10
c. Tin nails 2 ½” 50 lb Box        $24.58
3. Cement, 30  @ 80lb bags, $9.26x30 =     $277.80
4. Blocks, 250 each .47 X250 =      $117.50
5. Foundation block 30 each, $1.37x30 =     $41.10
6. Sand 4 yards, $12.76 x 6 =       $76.56
7. Metal tin roofing sheeting material, 8 each, $18.72x6 =   $149.76
8. Tin tape for nails 1 roll $11.06     $11.06  
9. Doors, 2 each $45, Somoto, Carpenter    $90.00
10. Hardware, hinges, door knobs, 2 each $40x2=    $80.00 
11. Electrical package             $500.00
a. Lighting, wire and switches
Educational & Literacy materials
12. Leamos Literacy materials,       $700.00
a. Adult Spanish to Spanish Literacy Course Material
b. Five Teacher subscription
c. Leamos Central Latino for Literacy     
213-262-8799, http//   
13. Classroom Supplies
a. Staples, Springfield, Missouri
1. Luxor 48x36 Double sided whiteboard     $219.99
 Model # mb4836ww
2. Hammer Mill 81/2x11 (50000 sheets $29.99 x 3 =  $89.97
3. Ampad notepads 8.5’x11.75” 12pack/ $29.99 x 8 =  $239.92
4. HP Office Jet 6954 Printer,     $59.99
5. HP Office Jet Color Ink 5 each $36.99x5 =   $184.95
6. HP Office Jet Black Ink 5 each $30.99x5 =   $154.95
7. Staple yellow #2 pencils 48pack/ $5.99 x 8 =   $47.92
8. 6’ Tables, 5 each $59.98x5 = Lowes, Spgfld, Mo $299.90
9. Chairs, 30 each $19.77x30 =     $593.10
10. Epson EX3240 SVGA 3LCD Projector, Best Buy, Spfld $399.99
11. 4 Drawer Locking file cabinet, U-Line H-1915T  $317.44 
12. Gonpers Educational Supplies, miscellaneous   $100.00 
Direcions: Costado Oeste Rotonda Centro Comercial
Managua, Nicaragua
Telephone: 2270 6272
14.  Shipping Cost          $00.00
Note:  All supplies not purchased in Nicaragua, will be purchased in Springfield Missouri or Anchorage, Alaska and shipped with Rotary Construction Team members and, or shipped by Conex to Managua, Nicaragua.
a. Project timeline – Volunteer team PJH staff and volunteers to accomplish this project by May 31st, 2017.  
15. Labor - Volunteer team members will consist of local families, Cuidad      Sandino & Soldotna Alaska Rotary Clubs, Project H.O.P.E. staff and volunteer members. 
TOTAL        $5153.33