It is important for our Soldotna Rotarians to make it to meetings. It is especially important to a Rotarian that has over 30 years of perfect attendance, Mike Sweeney.
Pictured from left to right: Chuck Cook, Dave Peterson, Chris Hough, Allen Auxier, Gary Hinkle, Joe Kashi, David Wartinbee, and Mike Sweeney. Photo credit: Merrill Sikorski
Mike Sweeney has over 30 years of perfect attendance. When Soldotna Rotarians found out that he was in the hospital and unable to come to this week's meeting, a decision was easily made to not conclude the December 22nd meeting at Mykel's, but instead, the meeting was concluded in Mike's hospital suite. Soldotna Rotarians are known for helping out fellow Rotarians in a pinch, and this is no exception.