Soldotna Rotary Club came together with the Kenai Peninsula School District and the Students in Transition to provide backpacks with basic necessities and an invitation for mentorship with a Rotarian. 
As part of President-Elect's, Lara, grant project for her year, the Soldotna Rotary Club approved to create a project to support the students in transition program of the Kenai Peninsula School District. 20 backpacks were ordered and inside the backpacks was an inspirational book, a blanket, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, handi-wipes, chap stick, sunglasses, towel and washcloth, a gift card for food, a gift card for other basic necessities, a signed card of encouragement, and a personalized note to participate in a mentorship program with an assigned Rotarian. 
Rotarians came together to write a note of encouragement in 20 different cards and were able to put the backpacks together before school let out. The students in transition liaison, Kelly King, picked up the backpacks and delivered them to the students. Additional bags will be looked into for the next school year.